AssayHero cranks up your pipetting efficiency

The cloud-based multi-device app revolutionizes manual pipetting jobs for assays in 96- and 384 - well plates. The microtiter plate simply needs to be placed on the screen of a tablet. Guided by light, and some instructions manual pipetting virtually transforms into an automated workflow, then.

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The background

Why AssayHero

"During my PhD time and while working in the pharma industry I was pipetting ELISAs, FRET- and activity assays. I had to use a paper checklist that was based on the assay protocol, checking off each step upon completion. Additionally, for some of the assays I prepared a color coded sheet of paper lying below my 96-well plate to guide my pipetting and reduce mistakes. Obviously, the picture was static and unfortunately mistakes were still common. Anyone that has done a complex essay knows how frustrating that is when it all has to be repeated. It's pretty gnarly work. My experience above was mirrored by that of my colleagues in the department. In my department failed assays due to mistakes happened on a daily basis. While this provided some mental comfort, it still sucked that my colleagues and I were throwing out work so often. The task of pipetting is mentally demanding, making it prone to mistakes when not highly concentrated. Especially after short nights living the student life. I worked with pipetting robots as well in the following years and thought this is the only way to circumvent this inefficient way of pipetting assays, but soon learned that pipetting robots still have their limitations, especially for non-routine work. At the same time manual pipetting did not really evolve at all. I asked myself if it’s time for manual pipetting 2.0? Yes, afterall it’s 2021! And the answer is AssayHero! A step-by-step interactive wizard that guides you by colored light: AssayHero."

Dr. Fabian Zehender — founder and CEO

AssayHero is a cloud-based multi device App. To setup and run your assays you can now use your browser, your iPhone, Android device, iPad or any other tablet. Between your devices you have instant synchronisation of your data. Therefore, setting up an assay can be done lying on your couch, commuting in public transport or in the office using the benefits of a big screen. You can then run your assay on your tablet or MS Surface by simply placing your plate on the screen. A dedicated plate holder for your tablet is available soon. An instant hack to stop your plate from moving is to use kitchen foil to cover your screen and place the plate on top. With AssayHero you can design any kind of assay, even with serial dilutions. For ELISA an additional interview mode is available that enables generation of more than 100 pipetting steps in a single-digit-step workflow.


Manual pipetting 2.0

One well away from the right one and your assay is screwed. Let AssayHero guide you through your assays with the following benefits:

Save reagents & samples

Kits, consumables and reagents can be quite expensive and samples are often precious.

Get more reliable results

It's scientifically proven to do less pipetting mistakes if you are guided by light. The worst mistakes are the ones you don´t recognize, since they cause wrong results. Not knowing you carry them on.

Accelerate Teamwork

Let your college or supervisor create an assay and just pipette it. Or design an assay and delegate it to a student, technician or CRO.

Cut your HR costs

Assays often take a full day. Since time is even more precious than samples and especially expensive in an industry environment you don't want to waste your time.

Meet our team

Our mission is to make the lives of laboratory staff more pleasant by leveraging our technology product for a more efficient and less tedious assay generation end to end—from design to execution.

  • Fabian Zehender

    Chemist by training with PhD in biophysics, consulted life science and tech companies to flourish and cares about improving and distributing AssayHero as CEO.

  • Tobias Schimmer

    Mechanical engineer by training, turned BCG strategy consultant with MBA, building car startups in Silicon Valley, helping with strategy fundraising and product.

  • Jakob Hummel

    Computer Scientist with 10+ years of experience in software development and project management. Helping to get things online.

  • Mirko Poloni

    Web and app developer, loves to write code to bring things to life and create valuable products.

Frequently asked questions

Is it difficult to set up an assay?

The app leads the user step by step through the setup process, both for highly customized assays or an accelerated questionnaire for ELISA assays, making assay setup easy. Our cloud-based software allows for instant synchronisation between multiple devices like mobile phone, tablet or PC/Mac. It doesn't even matter if you have an Android or Apple mobile device. Setting up an assay with your browser in your office on your mobile while commuting or on your tablet in the lab, it just takes a few minutes and is extremely intuitive.

Can I use my MS Surface?

Yes, there is a browser version of AssayHero which works equally well, both from a responsiveness and user interface perspective.

Do I need internet connection?

You need an internet connection for sync of your data between your devices. However, you can still set up and run assays without internet connection. Your data stays local until you are connected again.

Is my data safe?

You have the highest security against data loss. Since AssayHero cannot read results you don't need to fear critical data to be in cloud servers.

Is my plate design exportable for readers?

We are working on this topic. If you sign in above, we'll keep you posted.

Can I get a protocol with time stamps when my assay is done?

Yes, every step you confirmed during your pipetting job will be logged and a protocol of it is stored in your AssayHero account.

How can I fix my plate on the screen?

You can use a film from your kitchen.

Am I limited to 96-well plates or can I use 384-well plates as well?

Both work, you simply need to choose at the beginning of your assay.